How to get a CLUE

By now, most people who are smart about personal money man­agement are checking their free credit reports three times a year. There’s another free report that consumers will want to check each year, the CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) re­port. The report will list all your automobile and property insurance claims. It’s important that this […]

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Client welfare is ‘fiduciary’ campaign focus

Whether they know it or not, consumers have a choice when seeking financial advice: They can work with a fiduciary advisor, whose duty is solely to the client and who works with undivided loyalty to that client; or They can work with a stock broker or insurance agent, whose primary duty is to the firm […]

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Toward financial success and peace of mind

Most people go through life thinking little about their personal finances. They close their eyes, move ahead and hope for the best. Whether they succeed depends largely on luck. For people who don’t want to pin their hopes for financial success on luck, we have the answer. It’s called comprehensive financial planning. Associates of Mentor […]

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