Addressing Negative Issues can be a Positive Thing

Thinking about negative things is, well, negative. That’s why a lot of people procrastinate about managing risk: It deals with issues of poor health, infirmities and death. In addition, facing the prospect of working with an insurance agent often sends people running.


It’s admitted that it’s difficult for people who sell insurance to be seen as objective, due to the basic conflict of interest: The agent doesn’t get paid unless he or she sells a policy. There is no benefit for the agent to tell you that you don’t need coverage, or to tell you that you need less coverage than you can afford.


Dealing with risk management issues doesn’t have to be daunting or painful, though. On a daily basis, Fee Only advisors like Mentor Capital objectively help their clients to weigh the costs and benefits of purchasing coverage. They have no interest other than their clients’ well-being.