Financial planning

We have a comprehensive approach to financial planning. This means that we analyze every aspect of your financial situation before recommending action. Our work will:

  • Develop planning strategies to shelter income and minimize federal and state income taxes;
  • Evaluate employee benefit plans and determine how you can get the most out of them;
  • Show you how to save and invest on a regular basis toward financial goals such as sending a child to college, starting a business, buying a home;
  • Guide you in establishing a personal investment program to accumulate assets for financial independence;
  • Help you to allocate investment assets according to your time constraints and risk tolerance, then monitor and track the investment portfolio to ensure that returns are the highest possible for a given level of risk;
  • Evaluate risk-management plans and assess exposure to the risk of loss of property or loss of income due to death or disability, and help you to manage that risk efficiently and economically;
  • Give you better control over cash flow;
  • Identify the appropriate size and place for a cash reserve that may be used for emergencies or opportunities;
  • Show you how to manage debt;
  • Put into place strategies for the orderly distribution of your estate, minimizing taxes and other costs.