Small-Business services

We offer financial services that allow small-business owners to focus on the tasks at hand: managing and growing their operations. Making ill-informed, hasty, or otherwise less-than-ideal decisions about these financial issues may result in unnecessary costs and headaches that can adversely impact the business, its owners, employees and the owner’s ultimate heirs.

Mentor Capital has the expertise to help small businesses and their owners deal with issues such as:

  • Selecting the most appropriate retirement plan.  This can be difficult and time consuming for small-business owners who have better and more important things to do with their time.  First, considering the goals of the business and its owner, which type of plan is best: 401(k), SEP, profit-sharing, SIMPLE, defined-benefit pension?  Second, once a plan structure is selected, which custodian is the most cost-effective and offers the most suitable investment choices?  Finally, how do you make sure your employees have access to unbiased and useful advice about investing in the plan?
  • Business succession/estate planning.  How can a small-business owner ensure that his business will be in good hands in the future when he retires or otherwise leaves the business?  How can the interests of partners or other shareholders be protected? What can be done to minimize estate-tax liability when the business is passed on to heirs?  Failure to plan carefully for business succession can create uncertainty and cost the owner, partners and heirs significant amounts of unnecessary taxes and legal expenses.