‘Found’ money

We recently found $3,750 that a client left behind when he moved here from California. We turned up $18 from a checking account a client had 32 years ago. There was another $185 left in a brokerage account.

These are just three of thousands of stories about money turned over to state treasurers’ offices after owners couldn’t be located. If you’re like most people who have had a number of accounts in various places, and if you’ve ever moved, I bet there’s some money out there for you.

While no one is likely to walk away from an account with $3,750 in it, surprising things do happen. This particular client had owned shares in a company that was acquired by another in a cash deal. He misplaced the stock certificate and moved, and the money was turned over to the state as abandoned property. He’s in the process of claiming it – and planning a vacation to Europe.

A map with clickable states is here: http://unclaimed.org/. Happy hunting!

– John Davis