Timeshare regret

Not a fan at all of timeshares. Although some owners are happy with their purchases, millions of others regret buying theirs:

–        Long-term maintenance contracts that can run for 99 years

–        High-pressure sales tactics

–        Lots of promises but nothing’s ever in writing

–        Trading yours for one in another part of the world can be expensive and difficult

–        Selling a timeshare is nearly impossible

A client recently received a letter from a company promising to “permanently eliminate all timeshare maintenance fees.” For someone who is tired of paying the fees, that sounds pretty good. But what these scamsters really want you to do is pay THEM a fee upfront to try to sell your timeshare, with no guarantee.

Interesting article here: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/story?id=87797&page=1